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Mirjam Kan

Mirjam kan
This web site is the initiative of Mirjam Kan, a Jewish native of the town of Zwolle in the Netherlands. In November 2009 while looking at a pamphlet telling the
life story of Alex and Alie Vleesblok, she thought it would be a good idea to preserve the history of Jews who - in one way or another - had been connected
to Zwolle. She realized that the information individual people possess in the form of pictures and/or letters and stories, is a treasure that ought to be shared.

This website is about commemorating our loved ones not just as names on gray gravestones or as entries in the ledgers of Yad Va’Shem, for those that were
murdered by the Nazis during the Holocaust, but as vibrant, active and loved people, in full, living colours, as they ought to be remembered. The “Joods
Zwolle”  website will try to tell the story of the Jews of Zwolle from long before the Second World War until today and will include:

Those that were born in Zwolle.
Those who were not born in Zwolle but came to live there.
Those who lived in Zwolle for a period (be it long or short) in connection with their work for the Jewish community.

Inclusion criteria were” Jews from Zwolle” and their partners. Jews being defined according to the “halacha” (Jewish law) as persons born to a Jewish
mother. In some cases Gentile partners are included next to their Jewish spouses.

A great many people were approached – and many more still are -  in order to build a comprehensive site. The vast majority reacted positively, sending
pictures and information. A few people thought the project was a worthy one, but declined to participate for personal reasons. “Joods Zwolle” will have
sections devoted to specific families ( with their consent , of course )  as well as group sections, such as those connected to the sjoel ( synagogue ) ,
the Jewish community in the town of Zwolle and that of its immediate surroundings. No specific section will appear where consent for doing so was not
received. If these people appear on pictures as part of a group,this is allowed. Jewish people which died in the Holocaust and of whom no living family
members are known,  may be given a special section. The purpose of the site is to pay tribute to the generations of Jews who lived in – or put their stamp
on – the Jewish community of Zwolle. It will try to keep their memory alive , both for us and those that will come after us; never forgetting where we came
from and enabling us to understand why we are the way we are.

The site is made for private use. If individuals and/or organizations wish to use material from “Joods Zwolle”, they are required to obtain written permission
from Ms. Kan. ( ) If you have any additional information, stories or pictures pertaining to Jewish Zwolle, you are cordially invited to
contact Mirjam Kan, through the contact form, so your material can be shared by all who care about Joods Zwolle.

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